Linear vibrating screen
Linear vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen is named because the motion track of the sieve box is directed straight line, and also because the vibrator has two axes, so it is also called a double shaft vibrating screen.


Structure of linear vibrating screen

The structure of a linear vibrating screen is shown in Figure 1. The two spindles of the vibrator have equal eccentricity on the same eccentricity. A pair of gears with a speed ratio of 1 is connected between the two axes. Because the rotation speed of the two axes is opposite and the speed is equal, the centrifugal inertia force (vibrating force) generated by the two eccentric mass is offset in one direction, while the resultant force of centrifugal inertia force perpendicular to this direction causes the screen box to vibrate along the straight line. Because the vibration direction line and the horizontal plane have a certain inclination, the sieve box is usually installed horizontally, and sometimes it is gently inclined.

Linear vibrating screen

Figure 1. linear vibrating screen

1. double shaft vibrator; 2. screen mesh; 3. screen box; 4. hanger spring

Installation of linear vibrating screen

There are two kinds of installation methods for linear vibrating screen, which are hanging type and seat type. Figure 2 is the structure of a hanging type linear vibrating screen, which uses a box type vibrator (Figure 3). The vibrator 4 pairs of eccentric block arranged in the box body, 2 gear box, which is a transfer movement, two is to ensure that two of the eccentric rotating in the opposite direction, speed and phase relationship between the two is equal to each other on it, so that the centrifugal force to offset each other in a party. The box type vibrator is compact in structure and easy to be mounted but with a large cross section supporting beam, which is more complicated.

Linear vibrating screen

Figure 2. hanging type linear vibrating screen

 1.screen box2.Box vibrator3.motor4. hanger device


Figure 3. Box vibrator

Figure 4 is seat type linear vibrating screen, which uses a cylinder type vibrator (Figure 5). The eccentric block of the vibrator is integrated with the shaft, and a pair of meshing gears are arranged at the end of the shaft, which ensures the correct phase relationship between each other and transfers motion. The cylinder type actuator has the advantages of low height, low center of gravity, easy to install and so on, but its shortcoming is that it is wide in width.

Linear vibrating screen

Figure 4. seat type linear vibrating screen

1.spring&support device2.motor seat3. Cylinder vibrator4.screen box5.V-belt6.motor


Figure 5. Cylinder vibrator

The box type vibrator and Cylinder vibrator have a pair of high-speed rotating gear, so the structure is complex, and the thin oil lubrication is easy to leak oil, the bearing is also easy to generate heat, which increases the maintenance workload. For this reason, Sinonine has created a self synchronizing double axle vibrator (Fig. 6). The two axle does not need gear coupling, and is driven by two motors separately, and the two axes rely on the mechanical relation automatically to maintain the strict reverse synchronous rotation.

Linear vibrating screen 

Figure 6. self synchronizing double axle vibrator

 1. Eccentricity shaft2.pulley3.motor

The motor of the linear vibrating screen can be installed directly on the screen box, and can also be installed separately. In order to prevent the sharp increase of speed when the speed decreases to the resonance speed, it can add a reverse torque to the motor at this time, and automatically cut off the power when the speed drops to zero.

Because the screen mesh of the linear vibrating screen is straight reciprocating motion, the upper layer is compacted when it moves forward, and it is also suitable for dewatering, desliming, dehydration and heavy medium removal when heavy medium separation.

Linear vibrating screen

Figure 7.3600x7500linear vibrating screen

1.screen spring 4.motor 5.Tyre coupling

Specification of linear vibrating screen


      Use the unique eccentric structure to produce powerful vibrating force.

      The beam and case of screen are connected with high strength bolts without welding.

      Simple structure and easy maintenance.

      Adopting tire coupling and soft connection makes operation smooth.

      High screen efficiency, great capacity and longer service life.

The motor makes the exciter rotating speedily through the V-belt. Besides, the great centrifugal force produced by rotating eccentric block makes the sieve box do circular motion of some amplitude, together with the impulse transmitted through sieve box on the slope surface, which makes the materials on the screen surface successively tossed forward. Thus the classification is achieved in the process of thrown-up as materials with smaller size than the mesh is falling through.


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