Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator


TH bucket elevator adopts forging ring chain as traction component. It has many notable advantages, such as large volume, high lifting height, stable operation and long service life. The elevator is a mixture or gravity way to discharge and pick up loading. It is suitable for transporting loose grainy and small lumps with loose density less than 15t/m3, and the material temperature is not more than 250 .

Characteristics of TH bucket elevator

The TH serie bucket elevator has the following characteristics:

1Compared with the HL type elevator, the TH type elevator transport volume increases nearly one times.

2The assembled sprocket is used to connect the wheel and flange with high strength bolts. After the wear of the sprocket to a certain degree, the bolt can be screwed down and the flange can be dismantled, the replacement is convenient, and the material can be saved, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.

3The lower part adopts the heavy hammer lever type tensioning device, which can realize automatic tension, no adjustment after installation, and constant tension force, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine and avoid slipping or stripping.

4The traction part is a high strength ring chain of low alloy steel. After proper heat treatment, it has high tensile strength and wear resistance and long service life.

Structure of TH bucket elevator

The structure of TH bucket elevator is shown as below. The main components are the transmission device, the head component, the tail assembly, the bucket and the chain.


1. Transmission device

The transmission device includes the motor, the reducer, the transmission chain and the tight chain device. It is the power part of the bucket elevator. The motor and the reducer are connected by a coupling. The spindle of the reducer and the main shaft of the drive sprocket is driven by a sleeve roller chain, and the tension of the chain is adjusted by the chain wheel.

2. Head component

The head components include the head wheel, the drive spindle, the bearing and so on. The driving spindle is supported on the bearing seat.

3. Tail assembly

The tail assembly consists of a tail shaft, a tail wheel and a bearing. The tail shaft is mounted on the tail bearing seat, and the bearing seat is mounted on the tail section. The tail wheel is the guiding device of the bucket chain. The two tail wheels are fixed on the shaft with a key and the other is mounted on the shaft freely, so as to compensate for the difference in the total length of the two row bucket chain due to uneven wear and elongation.


The hopper is made of steel plate and is fixed on the chain with the interval of bolt. The elevatort has 2 kinds of hoppers:

Zh type Mid-deep bucket: suitable for conveying the deep bucket generally wet, easy to agglomerate, difficult to throw material, such as sand, sand, fertilizer, soda powder etc..

Sh type deep bucket: generally applicable to transport dry, loose, easy to throw material, such as cement, gravel, coal, etc..

5. Chain

The equipment adopts the forging ring chain as the main component of the traction chain bucket.

The grizzly vibrating feeder with blind plate bar to form surface, suitable for crushing machine before the bulk materials feeding, especially suitable for black and non-ferrous metal mining building stone crushing or crushing the feeding. The slot of the rod can be adjusted to separate the soil from the fine material at the same time, and the function of the rear crusher can be played effectively. The series feeder is the introduction of foreign technology digestion and new product development, the adoption of new type vibrator, ring groove rivet connection structure, manganese steel to the surface, wear resistant rubber fender. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, low noise and so on. The general drawing of feeder is shown in figure 1.

Specification of Bucket elevator


      Compact Machine Structure, small overall dimension, small space needed.

      Adopt the taking out type material loading and mixing type material discharging. The hopper volume is big with high density layout. It has the feature of big  lifting scope, high lifting height and high transportation capacity.

      Each section and maintenance door have the sealing device to make sure no dust outlet to realize clean and friendly environment production.

      Drive sprocket wheel is a overall structure, the surface has been specially strengthen processed. It has the features of easy operation, high strength and  wearing resistance.

      Adopt low alloy high strength round ring chain as driving part. Under the special technology process, it has the features of anti-pulling strength, good wearing resistance, long time using, good hopper connection, and easy to be maintenance.

The bucket elevator hopper is driven by reducer through electric motor, and scoop the material from the lower part of the tail wheel up, with traction lift up to the top, around the head wheel turned downward, the material poured into the next level of equipment.


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