Ceramic vacuum filter
Ceramic vacuum filter

Ceramic vacuum filter is a new model high-effect, saving-energy flilteration equipment, which is gathering the machinery-power, micropore ceramic and ultrasonic technique into one. Depending on vacuum absorbing and capillary effect it realizes the separation of liquid and solid. This products have found their wide application in the seperation of selected mine and tails mine of nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, less-common metal and oxide of electrolyze residue, slag in chemical, environment protection and so on. The material fineness from -200 to -450 meshes and various superfine materials.

Working principle of ceramic vacuum filter

The principle of ceramic vacuum filter design is to achieve high vacuum, low energy consumption, full automatic, high efficiency and high separation precision. In the work of the ceramic filter, the distribution valve is used to control the cycle of the rotor, and four movements are completed during one week's rotation, which is called a cycle process. It includes four continuous movements, such as pulping, drying, stripping of filter cake (unloading) and backwashing. It has been made round and round and produced continuously. Its working principle is shown in figure 1. when producing filtration, the slurry is input into the slurry slot 5 of the filter, and the main shaft rotates to drive the ceramic filter plate 3 on the rotor 1 to rotate together and enter the slurry tank 5. Under the vacuum condition, the ceramic filter plate 3 passes through the filter cake in a working cycle to form the 4 stages of the dehydration, stripping and washing of the filter cake.

ceramic vacuum filter

Figure1.working principle of ceramic vacuum filter

1 rotor; 2. filter chamber; 3. ceramic filter plate; 4. filter cake: 5. slurry tank; 6. filter bucket; 7. belt conveyor; 8. ultrasonic device; 9. corundum scraper.

Structure of ceramic vacuum filter

The ceramic filter is composed of 5 parts: the main part of the machine, the cleaning part, the vacuum part, the ultrasonic part and the automatic part of the microcomputer. The structure of the ceramic filter is shown in Figure 2.

ceramic vacuum filter

Figure2. structure of ceramic vacuum filter

 1. frame; 2. tank body; 3. electric control box; 4. main engine drive part; 5. mixing system; 6. rotor part; 7. ceramic plate; 8. gas path part; 9. distribution valve; 10. pulping valve.

The main part is composed of a supporting frame, a tank, a rotor, a mixing system and a discharging device. The supporting frame supports the tank body, the rotor, the mixing system and the discharging device. The tank is used to store the pulp. There are several groups of ceramic pieces fixed on the rotor. Each group has 12 pieces. A cycloid gear reducer is driven by a motor by a cycloid gear reducer, and any speed can be obtained by variable frequency speed regulation. The mixing device is made up of the round pipe sealing device and the bearing seat. The rotary mixing mode is driven by a pair of open chain drive and variable frequency motor, and the rotational speed can be adjusted according to the working condition. The unloading mechanism consists of a adjusting bracket and a corundum scraper. The ceramic filter also has a specially designed cleaning system, a vacuum system and a microcomputer automatic control system.

Characteristics of ceramic filter

The ceramic filter has the following characteristics:

1High efficiency: the processing capacity of the ceramic filter is1000700kg/m2.h, and the processing capacity of the external filter is 300~400kg/m2.h

2Energy saving: the ceramic filter is only 0.62kWh for 1t sulphur concentrate, and the power consumption of 1t sulphur concentrate by external filter is 562kWh, and energy saving is about 89%.

3The moisture of the filter cake is adjustable: the moisture is adjusted in 8%-12%, and the filtrate is clear and transparent, and it can be used in a comprehensive way.

4Low operating cost: the cost saving of ceramic filter is 78%. Because the filter cloth is not used, the filter cloth will not be consumed and replaced.

5High degree of automation: the system adopts microcomputer management, automatic control, automatic alarm, and safe and stable operation.

6The whole machine is small in volume, small in space management, easy to operate, and small in maintenance.

7The working environment is good: the ceramic filter, because of its unique design, provides a safe and pollution-free working environment, the whole machine noise is small, no pollution.

Specification of Ceramic vacuum filter


      Microvac (vacuum degree0.09~0.098MPa), low moisture of cake.
      Solid content of filtrate<50ppm, which can be recyle use in the system.
      Energy saving can reach 90%, low energy consume, low operation cost.
      Filter cake cleaning system is added, which is fit for the material needed to be washed.
      PLC and computer integrate with automatic valve control, high degree of automation reduces labor intensity.
      Compact structure requires a smaller floor space and offers convenient maintenance.
      Advanced drainage system ensures application in any operating conditions.

Filter plate immersed in the slime while in operation produces a surface absorption of filter cake, with the action of capillarity and integrated with vacuum pressure. Filtrate enters distributing valve and drainage tank through filter plate. Filter cake coming out from slime hopper receives spray washing.Continuous dehydration for filter cake is conducted with the action of high vacuum force.Scraper will automaticly discharge materials once entering the vacuum-free condition. Service water or filtrate enters the ceramic plate through distributing valve and cleaning the blocked miniholes. Cleaning with ultrasonic and low density acid after ceramic plate is used for one period to maintain the efficient service life of ceramic plate.


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