Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely applied in industries, such as metal and non-metallic mineral, building materials, transportation engineering, metallurgy and ;hydraulic engineering; it can be used for intermediate and fine crushing of all kinds of mineral, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobble and so on.


This single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a combination of crushing machinery, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technology. The machine is the high efficient crusher which is researched and developed independently by our company based on 20 years of experience on design, production, sales and service, combined the development of modern industrial technology, and has widely absorbed advanced crusher technology of the United States and Germany. This machine represents the world's most advanced technology and has many incomparable advantages such as high efficiency, low cost, easy adjust, excellent product shape etc. It is widely used to medium, fine and extra fine crushing.

structure of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The working principle of the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is similar as  spring cone crusher. In the structure, the adjusting ring, supporting ring, locking device and spherical bearing parts of the spring cone crusher are cancelled. Figure 1 is a structure diagram of a single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher produced by Sinonine. The structure of the crusher is similar to that of the spring cone crusher. The difference is that its adjustment and insurance are realized by a hydraulic cylinder and an oil pressure system supported on the bottom of the spindle of the moving cone.

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone Crusher

Figure 1.Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

By increasing or reducing the high pressure oil in the hydraulic cylinder, the main shaft and the crushing cone can be raised or descended, thus the adjustment of the discharge port can be achieved. The principle is shown in Figure 2.


  aDecrease of discharge                   bIncrease of discharge

Figure 2.adjust of discharge

The overload protection of the crusher is achieved through an accumulator equipped with inert gas. As shown in Figure 3, the pressure of the accumulator is slightly higher than the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder in normal conditions, so the oil can not enter the accumulator. Once overload occurs, the pressure increase of the crushing cone will lead to the increase of the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. When the oil pressure rises to more than that of the accumulator, the oil will be pressed into the accumulator, so that the crushing cone will decrease, and the discharge will increase, so that the non broken matter will be discharged. When the overload is eliminated, the oil is repressed back into the hydraulic cylinder because of the function of the accumulator. The crushing cone can be resumed to the normal position and continue to work.

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone Crusher

Figure 3. Working principle of hydraulic insurance

Featuresof single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher produced by Sinonine has many advantages, as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4.Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

A. The liners made of special alloy manganese steel has longer life.

B. It is equipped with automatic overload protection system. Configure an accumulator.

C. Self lubricating seal ring to prevent dust from entering the crusher.

D. The lower frame arm is equipped with a special alloy steel liner.

E. The spiral bevel gear through heat treatment makes the crusher work more quiet, the transmission efficiency is higher, and the gear life is longer.

F. By adjusting the eccentric sleeve, the grain size curve and production capacity of the crushed product can be optimized.

G.Oil tank unit: including Filter device, cooling and heating device, circulating pump,temperature and flow monitoring device, internal linkage device etc.

H. It has a large feeding port. The two upper arms are protected by a strong special alloy plate to effectively reduce wear and tear.

I. Replaceable spindle sleeve and independent endoscope nut to provide full protection for the spindle.

J. The reasonable design of the crushing cavity type makes the size of the feeding port basically unchanged during the whole wear process of the liner and significantly increases the life span of the liner.

K. The gear gap is easy to adjust.

L. The horizontal shaft is designed for heavy and solid. The horizontal axis and its bearing box are one type structure, which can be disassembled without opening the crusher.

Specification of Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher


      Simple structure and reliable performance. single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher integrates discharge opening adjustment and overload protection functions as a whole, which simplifies the structure and enhances the reliability. All different sizes have different cavity types to meet different crushing requirements. All maintenances are processed from the upper part, which makes maintenance more convenient. 

      Good product shapes and large production capacity. The machine adopts the principle of laminating crushing, which improves product shape to be cubic. The reasonable coordination of eccentricity, cavity shape and parameters greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency of the equipment.  

      Advanced control system brings precision control. Full automatic control system provides various operation modes, such as manual control, constant discharge opening control and constant power control. Automatic monitoring system can help to know the equipment operation situation at any time, which is in favor of playing the best performance of this equipment. 

      Optimized designed structure brings long service life. Sliding bearing adopts special oil wedge design, which can avoid direct frictional contact between shaft and bearing. Reinforced frame structure and special bearing materials have large carrying capacity and high reliability, which can extend the service life of this equipment. 

      Hydraulic lubrication station makes low operation cost. The integrated design of hydraulic pressure station and lubricating station save installation space.  Optimized components layout and tank volume can make operation and maintenance simple and decrease operating cost.

single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of upper bracket, middle bracket, bottom bracket, movable cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission and hydraulic cylinder. The whole working process of this machine is that motor drives rotation of horizontal axis, horizontal axis drives the rotation of eccentric sleeve through the spiral bevel gear, and then eccentric sleeve would drive the rotary oscillation of movable cone so as to realize the continuous extrusion.  The adjustment of hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of movable cone can drive main shaft thus driving movable cone move up and down to easily adjust the space of movable cone and the lining plate of fixed cone, then the product size will be controlled. Hydraulic cylinder also has the function of overload protection. When materials that cannot be crushed (such as iron) enter into crushing chamber, the accumulator will be triggered, then the hydraulic cylinder will drop movable cone to release the iron and recover normal crushing automatically, which can protect the crusher perfectly.


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