Rod mill
Rod mill

Rod mill is a grinding equipment with steel rod as grinding medium. It is used to coarse grinding and suitable for fine crushing and coarse grinding in first stage of open circuit grinding. This machine include overflow rod mill, end peripheral discharge rod mill and center peripheral discharge rod mill, which could meet different requirement.

Structure of rod mill

At present, the rod mill used in the concentrator is only two kinds of overflow and opening, the former is more common. The structure of the rod mill is roughly the same as that of the overflow ball mill. The grinding medium is round. The structure should be slightly different from the ball mill in order to ensure that the rod is flexed without hitting each other when there is a regular movement and falling in the rod mill. The cone shape end cap curvature of the rod mill is smaller, the inner side is lined with smooth lining, and the non smooth lining plate is used on the cylinder. The diameter of the hollow shaft is generally larger than that of the same size ball mill, and the rest part is basically the same as the same type ball mill. The structure of the overflow rod mill is as shown in Figure 1. The figure shows that the diameter of the hollow shaft neck of the ore drain is much larger than that of the overflow ball mill with the same specifications, which is to reduce the pulp level and speed up the slurry passing through the rod mill. The outlet of a large rod mill can reach 1200 mm.

rod mill

Figure1.rod mill

1. barrel, 2. end covers, 3. transmission gears, 4. main bearings, 5. cylinder liner, 6 end cover liner, 7. feeder, 8. feeder port, 9. discharge port, 10. flange, 11. inspection hole.

Structural characteristics of open type rod mill

There is a large aperture in the outer edge of the horn shaped opening in the overflow discharge end cover of the central, in order to avoid pulp splashing and rod slip from the rod mill, the port of discharge with a conical cover block, the lid is hinged on the single pole, the pulp horn the annular space between the lid and overflow . The end of the barrel is provided with a ring supported on two rollers. The structure of an open rod mill is shown in Figure 2.

open type rod mill

Figure 2. Open type rod mill

Specification of Rod mill


      The steel rod takes regular movement in mill.

      It is convenient to install and maintain.

      Rapidly discharging.

      Even particle size of product, little over grinding.

The rod mill is driven by motor with speed reducer and peripheral large gear, or low speed synchronous motor with peripheral large gear. The grinding medium-steel rod is put into the cylinder which is lifted, and then fall under the action of the centrifugal force and friction force. The materials entering into cylinder from the feeding inlet are grinded by movable grinding medium and discharged out by overflow and continuously feeding.


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