Symons cone crusher
Symons cone crusher

Symons Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicate industry, and is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with medium and above hardness. The machine has the characteristics of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and use of economy. Compared with the traditional crusher, the output has also been greatly improved. Because the grease seal, to avoid the water supply and drainage system and water blocking oil often mixed ills; because of the use of hydraulic cavity cleaning system, compared with the conventional method, which greatly reduces the work time, save manpower, and ensure their safety, and spring, insurance system is overload protection device, can the foreign body iron through without damage to the crushing chamber.

working principle of symons cone crusher

As shown in figure 1, Power is transmitted from the source to the countershaft through a V-belt or direct drive. The countershaft has a bevel pinion pressed and keyed to it, and drives the gear on the eccentric assembly. The eccentric has a tapered, offset bore and provides the means whereby the head and main shaft follow an eccentric path during each cycle of rotation.


Figure1.Cross-section of Symons cone crusher

Structure of symons cone crusher

Since a large gape is not required, the crushing shell or "bowl" flares outwards which allows for the swell of broken ore by providing an increasing cross-sectional area towards the discharge end. The cone crusher is therefore an excellent arrested crusher. The flare of the bowl allows a much greater head angle than in the gyratory crusher, while retaining the same angle between the crushing members (Figure 2). This gives the cone crusher a high capacity, since the capacity of gyratory crushers is roughly proportional to the diameter of the head.

cone crusher

Figure2.Head and shell shapes of (a) gyratory,and (b) cone crushers

The head is protected by a replaceable mantle, which is held in place by a large locking nutthreaded onto a collar bolted on the top of the head. The mantle is backed with plastic cement, or zinc, or more recently with an epoxy resin. Unlike a gyratory crusher, which is identified by the dimensions of the feed opening and the mantle diameter, a cone crusher is rated by the diameter of the cone lining.

The throw of cone crushers can be up to five times that of primary crushers, which must withstand heavier working stresses. They are also operated at much higher speeds. The material passing through the crusher is subjected to a series of hammer-like blows rather than being gradually compressed as by the slowly moving head of the gyratory.


The Symons cone crusher is the most widely used type of cone crusher. It is produced in two forms: the Standard for normal secondary crushing and the Short-head for fine, or tertiary duty (Figures 3 and 4). They differ mainly in the shape of their crushing chambers. The Standard cone has "stepped" liners which allow a coarser feed than in the Short-head . They deliver a product varying from 0.5 to 6cm. The Short-head has a steeper head angle than the Standard, which helps to prevent choking from the much finer material being handled. It also has a narrower feed opening and a longer parallel section at the discharge, and delivers a product of 0.3-2.0 cm.The high-speed action allows particles to flow freely through the crusher, and the wide travel of the head creates a large opening between it and the bowl when in the fully open position. This permits the crushed fines to be rapidly discharged, making room for additional feed. The fast discharge and non-choking characteristics of the cone crusher allow a reduction ratio in the range 3-7:1, but this can be higher in some cases.

The parallel section between the liners at the discharge is a feature of all cone crushers and is incorporated to maintain a close control on product size. Material passing through the parallel zone receives more than one impact from the crushing members. The set on the cone crusher is thus the minimum discharge opening.


Figure3.Standard cone crusher


Figure4.short-head cone crushe

Specification of Symons cone crusher


      Reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical parameters, reliable operation and low running costs.

      With large crushing force, high production efficiency and high yield.

      Spring safety system is reliable and can provide safe and effective overload protection.

      Two kinds of crushing chamber structure to adapt to a wide range of product size requirements.

      Manual hydraulic adjustment discharge opening, easy effort.

Motor drives eccentric sleeve rotation through belt work, drive shaft, bevel gear pair, moving cone to do the spin pendulum movement in the role of eccentric sleeve, it makes the crushing mantle sometimes near sometimes deviate from the concave. Materials continue to be squeezed in the annular crushing cavity formed by the movable cone and fixed cone. After multiple squeezing and impact, the crushed materials that meet the requirements are discharged from the bottom.


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