Beneficiation Experiment

I Preparation before experiment

The clients should provide about 50Kg representative samples, or 200 to1000kg for some special samples. The simple test needs 30 working days, and the detailed test about half a year.

II Testing process

1. First we will analyze the material components including ore structure, mineral and types of ore and chemical properties like elements, the particle size screening, density, ore relative grindability of crude ore etc, and get some data for the subsequent beneficiation test.

2. Testers take the exploratory testing  from experience at first to find the best solution for beneficiation and make more detailed analysis including grinding fitness, reagent dosage, open and closed circuit test, etc.. After obtaining the final productstesters should analyze them to get the recovery rate, and then take sedimentation test of concentrate and tailings as references of equipment selection. 

III Test results

After finishing all the tests, tester will summarize and write a detailed report. In the last part of test report, the optimum technological process and technological parameters are presented. “Beneficiation Test Report” is important basis of next mine design, and brings significance of guiding actual production. 


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