Packing & delivery

The packing and delivery of equipments is the most important preparing work for installation & commissioning. It is directly related to the cargo transportation, and the results of installation and commissioning.

I Equipment packing

We will take apart the equipment before delivery, and then adopt suitable packing ways for every goods, the packing ways are as below.

1. Nude packing. Nude packing is used to pack some equipments that not easy to be weared.

2. Bundle packing. Bundle packing is suitable for the goods which are small, large quantities and wear resistant such as reinforcing plates, stiffened plates, flanges of equipments etc.

3. Grass rope packing. Grass rope packing is usually for easily damaged equipments like bearings and electric drums etc.

4. Water proof packing. Water proof packing is suitable for electric motors, reducers, electric control panels.

5. Wooden pallets packing. Wooden pallets packing is fit for goods which are large quantities, easily apart and rolling such as the frames and support rollers of belt conveyor.

6. Wooden box packing. Small goods should be packed by wooden box like spare parts, laboratory equipments, tools etc.

II Equipment delivery

The equipments are usually delivered abroad by trucks, trains or shipment, we have established good relationship with large cargo agent and shipment companies, the rich experienced ensure goods reach on site safety and promptly. Shippment is main delivery way for international customers which include three kinds as follow.

1. 40 HQ container. All equipments except the overlength, overwidth, overheight and overweight should be loaded into 40HQ container, every container loading is designed by professional workers.

2. FR container. FR container is used to load the large equipments which are overlength, overwidth, overheight and overweight such as ball mill and conditioning tanks. The professional workers will fix and pack the equipments into the container to ensure the goods be firm, reliable  and no damage.

3. Bulk cargo ship. Cargos especially huge should be shipped by Bulk cargo ship, the equipments should be packed and hoisted appropriatly to satisfy sea environment.



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