500tpd gold ore CIL beneficiation production line

The plant is completed by sinonine company, the design capacity is 450tpd, the actual production capacity can reach 500tpd, plant operation early production of gold concentrate by flotation method, then design the size of the leaching production line, the final product is gold bullion.

Ore properties

The ore belongs to mesothermal quartz vein fissure filling gold bullion, gold and natural mineral intergrowth, which most of the gold bearing limonite. The density of the ore is 2.51t/m³.

Beneficiation process

The flotation recovery rate of gold is only 73-75% because the gold concentrate is produced by single flotation, because the natural gold is mainly symbiotic with the metal oxide minerals. The technical renovation, the adoption of new technology of ore direct cyanidation CIP process, products for gold bullion, the process shown in figure 1.

gold ore CIP process

Figure1.Gold ore CIL process

The application of carbon leaching by the process is widely , because it can save construction investment, production cost is decreased slightly, so has been widely used in the world. This production line is a big scale CIP plant, advanced technology, high automation level, and also has the characteristics of equipment and configuration, such as high efficiency thickener, a new type of leaching conditioning tank, automatic detection device etc. This process uses activated carbon to adsorb gold instead of traditional solid-liquid separation by washing. It is more advantageous to gold ore with much mud or solid liquid separation and low washing rate. It also has special significance for cold areas and tight gold mines. After the completion of the plant, the recovery rate of gold can reach 90%. The technical index is shown in Table 1, and the consumption index is shown in table 2.

Table1. Technical index

gold ore plant index

Table 2 .Consumption index

Table 2 .Consumption index

Main equipments list of 500tpd Gold ore CIL concentrator

 The production line is equipped with reasonable equipment according to the design process. The equipment is installed smoothly and runs well. The main equipment is shown in table 3.

Table 3. main equipments list

beneficiation equipments

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